Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Pilgrim Progress . . . . .

Just another poem.... :)

No! No! Not darkness again! I don't ever want to go back; not to that sin. But I am at a dead end. There is no way out. My sanity is not on the mend. Tears streamed down my face and over my mouth. I struggled under the baggage that I had called mine for far too long. All I could do was turn back to that city filled with smog. As I passed others that had lost their way as well, I couldn't help but cry and hope that this was not some spell. I did not want to end up like this; what is the problem? I wanted to go down the good path, that takes problems and solves them. But, of course, I always end up back at where I began. Going home to the people the first introduced and encouraged me to sin. As I walked back through that door I heard all of their mocking laughs; "Its you, again!" Sighing and wishing that they would just let me be, I sat down; time for plan Z. As I was formulating my plan something caught my eye. It was something different, as if it had been disguised. Blowing off a layer of dust I opened the cover. What was it? Must be older than my mother… As I looked to the worn pages I saw a map. It lead out of the city; I sat down and rested the Book in my lap. Before I knew what I was doing I grabbed my luggage once again. I must make it out of this City of Sin. Hugging the Book to my chest I once again made my way to the door. "Whe're you going now?" I heard the coarse words covered by a snore. "Out" was the only answer I gave as I made my way to the road that was not paved. I opened the Book to follow the map. My mouth fell open in an audible gasp. This road would take me where? H'mmm…I don't know. What about the awful creatures, c old, rain, and snow? Snapping the book shut I almost turned back. But my heart would not let me. I could not go back. Standing up as strait as I could with the weight on my back, I almost fell over from the heaviness of the awful sack. Putting my right foot forward I began down this mysterious path. As I came around a corner I was startled by a sharp, wicked laugh. "Don't go down this road!" a dirty, foul smelling man warned. Shaking my head I continued anyway. "Hey! Didn't you hear me?" he slurred, pulling my arm until it felt as if it was torn. "Let go!" I demanded, my eye's flashing fire. I knew that he was nothing but an incompetent, filthy liar. As I twisted free I broke into a run, but I didn't get far. That pack on my back was like carrying a car. I opened the Book and was surprised to see that this Book contained more than a map. It also had a key. Besides that, it had some other words. They were different than anything I had ever heard! "Believe on Jesus and you will be free". I wanted that! Was this truly for me? As I read on silent tears streamed down my weary face. I felt as if found something real; but just a taste. I knew that this map was not going to take me somewhere bad. I was tired of being like this, tired of being sad. Somehow I knew that I had to follow this path. But what if this isn't for real? I don't even know the half. What is going to happen down this road? Will I ever be released from this load? Deciding to go no matter what, I marked my page and made sure the Book was shut. Starting out once again I traveled farther and farther away from the City of Sin. Coming to a deep chasm I wondered how to get around. Opening my Book my face turned into a frown. "Believe" were the only words on the map for this point. Shrugging off my pack I sat down to rest my weary joints. Believe, huh? How was this done? And speaking of that where was the sun? Clouds covered the sky and it began to rain. I felt like I was about to "loose it", to stop being sane. Angry at myself for coming this far, I turned back to the City of Sin. But wait…that place if full of terrible, sinful, envying women and men. Turning back to the chasm I determined to cross. I threw my bag over with one giant toss. Mumbling "believe" under my breath I closed my eyes and tried to jump over the test. When I opened my eyes I couldn't believe that I was on the other side. I let out all of my held in breath with a deep, satisfied sigh. Picking up my bag I opened the Book. "Continue" was the only thing I saw from my look. The rain had stopped and the sun was shining, but in the distance I saw more clouds brewing. It was just a matter of timing. As I was looking to the side I ran smack into something hard. It was a gate; from the rest of the path I was barred. Then I remembered the key. Someone must have put it there just for me. Putting the key into the lock I turned it and to my utter shock, the gate swung open to rest of the road. I walked on, carrying my heavy load. This was not what I thought it would be. But who cared? I had to see. As I continued to go farther down the way the atmosphere got darker and darker; then the trees began to sway. Becoming frightened, I sought to out run this fast coming darkness. But it was no use. Coming to stop in the dark forest I quickly opened the Book. I had to see what it would say. I had to look. "Trust" were the words I read off the page. Turning my head I saw a horrible animal entrapped in a cage. Jumping back out of fear and horror, my head smacked a tree. How I desperately wished for the morrow. There must be more in that Book. I hoped that I wouldn't find that I'd been took. This had to be real; there was simply no other way. I cried as my trust began to sway. Just as I thought the darkness would consume me a light brighter than the sun drew me. Coming closer and closer I discovered a cross. I hoped that I was not lost. But to my utter surprise and glee my burdens fell off with a thud. I was free! Grabbing the Book I quickly located my place. I wanted to be at the end. I wanted to make haste. But I discovered that I was just at the beginning. I knew that I would never go back to that city filled with sinning. I had made my choice; I would come all the way. I would continue, on come what may. As I walked on I found that there were others walking with me. We all encouraged each other even when we couldn't see. All the time we sensed the Author of the Book's presence with us. Being in His will was a must. Then to my surprise and delight, He asked me to go back to the City of Sin and witness with all my might. I knew that it would not be easy. This was not going to be fun. Many of the people were quite sleazy and carried a ton. But I had to share what brought me life and joy. If they rejected it…? This was not something with to toy. I hoped that they would listen and heed my words. Maybe, just maybe, they would flock to hear in herds. Yet, I knew that wasn't true. I remembered what it was like. I lived in that city filled with hurt, envy, and strife. As I went back in many recognized me. The all came out. They wanted to see. I told them how my life was changed and how I was so happy. They laughed, mocked and answered so sassy. But every once in a while I came upon a poor wearied soul that was waiting to be free, wanting liberty. I eagerly shared what I knew so that their lives, as well, would not be filled with gloom. As I moved from person to person their questions were almost the same. It touched my heart when it came from a little boy that was lame. "Why do you do this?" "Let me tell you; listen closely, this is something you don't want to miss" As I told him why tears filled his eyes. "I'm a pilgrim, and I'm a stranger; I can tarry, I can tarry but a night. Do not detain me for I am going to where the fountains are ever flowing. I'm a pilgrim and I'm a stranger; I can tarry, I can tarry but a night…."

Alonda Denise

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