Friday, April 2, 2010

Must keep blogging; Must keep blogging; Must keep blogging ...

Okkkaaayyyy.... So life has been throwing some interesting stuff at me lately, but its all good. Thank God for the weekend! I am so looking forward to relaxing and just enjoying the Sabbath. And Spring is here! Actually, Fall is my favorite time of year but I do appreciate Spring after a long Winter and all the beautiful blossoms! It makes you think about how significant it is the Jesus arose in the Spring. I mean, for some people Winter is harsh and cold and then, almost overnight it seems, Spring comes out! The trees have flowers! The days are longer! I am so thankful that Jesus arose. He died, yes, but He would have just been good teacher, a man that taught us how to live better lives, had He not arisen. But God beat back the forces of darkness that sought to keep Him in the tomb and brought His Son back to life. Because of that we can have confidence that our loved ones that are sleeping now in Jesus will be brought back to life again. Think about it; Jesus never encountered death without winning. From Lazarus to the Widow of Nain, to Moses and then to Himself. Death has no power when Jesus is present and one day He will eradicate it permanently. I look forward to that day... :)

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