Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vent of Pent Up Feelings ...

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with this blogging business when I know pretty much no one reads it (:P). O well ... I have come to the wacky conclusion that, on a general scale and excluding my brothers, guys cause problems. Yes, I know that is a blanket statement and that there are exceptions to every rule. I'm just saying that the majority of the guys that I come in contact with are, well ... problems (and you know that is totally not my fault!). Where are the gentlemen that will open doors for ladies, help them down steps, stand when they enter and leave a room, and throw their coats on the ground so the lady doesn't have to step in the puddle (okay, I'll admit that is a bit extreme)? Why does it seem that the entire (teenage) population of the male gender has completely dissolved into jerks? Ahh, a startling observation, no? Well, of course things don't happen without a reason. And there is a reason. I think that I shall leave it up to you to figure it out (if you simply can't, ask me). So what is the remedy? Stay away from all guys under 18!!! Haha, yes I'm kidding. You really can't do that. I have found that when you begin to treat all people (including jerky guys) with kindness, somehow it helps them to treat you nicer as well. Not in all situations; there have been people that are mean no matter what you do. But as a general rule I have found that the guys are usually craving attention and affirmation (as a lot of girls are too) and that when you show them kindness and treat them like they really are people and men they will usually treat you a much better than they would have originally done. Wait; am I contradicting myself? Now I'm confused ... O well, you get the point! :)

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  1. rofl good one girl!!! btw, i read ur blog. :)