Thursday, May 6, 2010

Psh, who to trust??

I'm trying to be a lot more cheerful these days, but sometimes (probably due somewhat to --ahem-- "being a girl") life can kind of get you down. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is hope in spite of anything I may go thorough (last blog) yet at times I just wish that that hope would manifest itself a little more ... I have some awesome friends that I love a lot and I thank God for them everyday. But then I have some "friends" that have passed through my life over the years that once promised to "be there forever", but "forever" didn't last much longer then they did. xP Sometimes I feel like yelling at them: "I trusted you! I let you into my life! Why are you doing this to me?", but somehow I know that it would do nothing but drive them further away ... I won't lie; it kind of hurts to have someone so close and then find them to be far away. Then I wonder ... Is it me? Is it because I have some sort of problem that they snubbed me? Ahhgg ... life can be so cruel at times. But hey, I know that God has given me some of the best friends in the world. The funny think is that most of them are over the internet, not in person. Every time I talk to them (instant messaging) I have to thank God that He brought these wonderful friendships into my life even thought a lot of friends have let me down in a lot of ways. In Micah 7:5 it says: "Do not trust a friend; do not put your confidence in a companion ..." How much plainer can you get? I've been wondering ... WHO CAN I TRUST?!?!and I just have to realize that, pretty much, no one ... yup. As humans our promises are like "ropes of sand" as one author wrote ... when I look back at my own life I can see friends that I've brushed off and ignored. I guess I'm just getting some of my own medicine, huh? I've tried in recent years to never ever ignore someone that needs a friend and I've made quite a few friends like that. Somehow, even having the best friends that I could ever pray for doesn't make loosing friends any easier. But the thing that I am most grateful for is that no matter how many friends I may loose due to whatever, there is still One Person that I can always trust. Jesus. He was always there when I was feeling so alone ... to put it bluntly, you can't really trust people. They can and many times will let you down. But you can always always always trust Jesus. The Friend that will never ever leave you or forsake you. I am so thankful for that, aren't you? :) Okay, blogging therapy has worked; I feel much happier now! =D

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