Friday, June 18, 2010

"Can't" shouldn't be in our vocabularies ... !

Yes, yes ... I just put this picture on the other blog, but I think its so true that an entire blog needed to be devoted to it ... !

There seems to be so much "can't" in life. We all want to do something but its like ... you can't. For me personally there are a ton of things. I want to change the world. I want to play like 10 or more instruments. I want to write a song that will change lives. I want to give a home to the homeless. I want to give illiterate children a chance at an education. I want to help people everywhere. I want to help spread the gospel ... but this one little word always interrupts my thoughts. *can't* ahh ... I don't like that word! It just seems to ruin anything that I've wanted, wished, hoped, or dreamed to do. It like this cloud that hovers over you and rains on your parade. Of course, we can't do anything apart from God, but God says that the impossible is possible with him. God is not a God of "can't"s, He is a God of "can"s! ( : Truth be told, I think the Devil is responsible for the "can't cloud" that hovers over so many people! I mean, if everyone thinks that they can't then he has a hold over them. I've met too many young people that tell me "I want to follow God and all, but I can't!" Is that true? Nope ... thats what the Devil wants you to think ... ! Let me tell you, it is possible ... ! Okay, so thats how it applies to the spiritual life ... but what about the other things in life? What about when you wish that you could just do something and you (think that) you can't! Example: For years and years I've tried to write a book ... I tried a story book, a biography, a school book ... you name it, I tried it ... ! I told myself that I couldn't do it ... I can't! Buuut guess what? I've actually written and completed a book! (^_^) Instead of thinking "can't" I decided to try thinking "can" and I did it! So yeah, I don't know whats going on in your life, but I just want you to know that CAN'T SHOULDN'T BE IN YOUR VOCABULARY! Never say you can't ... if you think your gonna fail chances are that you will ... so be a little more positive! Don't think *can't* think *can* ... ! Remember: "can't" is "can" with a 't ... remove the 't and you'll get somewhere ... ! ( : *can* *can* *can* *can* *can* *can* =D

*~Smile~* ( :

This is one of those random blogs that really have no great theme ... I just want you to smile!

Okay, so today I was playing around on Facebook and found this page called something like "Positive Positivity" I think ... anyway, I found a ton on inspirational quotes and pictures that I wanna share ... ! Enjoy ... ! *and smile* ( :

Remember! You are what you see yourself to be ... not just that, but God always sees you as more then you think you are! Be encouraged!

Just because its big doesn't mean you can't do it. So if no one has ever told you before, YOU CAN DO IT! (only with God's help! : )

Be strong! Just because you can't see around the mountain doesn't mean that the sun isn't there ... keep going! You'll make it!

Do bad days happen? Of course! But don't let that get you down ... ! Look for the good ... I can promise that if you look hard enough your gonna find it ... ! ( =

NEVER GIVE UP! Just because it looks like you won't make it doesn't give an excuse to stop ... only the people that keep going are the people that get where they want to go ... so be encouraged! don't EVER give up!

Never forget this ... if you think your not gonna make it, then in all probability you won't! Don't think "can't" think "can"!

Okayy, thats all I have ... I hope that you smiled and that maybe if your feeling like giving up (like I was before I saw these!) that you decided to keep on ... until you make it ... ! wherever you wanna go ... ~*smile*~ ( :

Friday, June 11, 2010

. . . . . . .

I don't really know what to title this blog (hence the ". . . . ") because I just, u'mm, don't ... ! Anyway, if you haven't noticed it before, I put a quote on my blog at the top. It says:

Sometimes people put up walls,
not to keep others out,
but to see who cares enough to break
them down.

When I first saw that quote I was like "Whoa! That is sooo me!" I've seen it several other places in different wordings (ex. the picture), but its all the same message. To go deeper into it, it basically says that people build "walls" around them. These walls can be anything, really. Like personality, like attitude, like being seclusive, like not coming out the house, etc. And these people have no intention of ever breaking down those walls; they want other people to care enough to break them down for them. Some people don't understand that. They can't see why a person would build a wall and expect them to tear it down. I totally see the "logic" (well, not really logic, but the reason) in that. I'm not exactly a out going person. I don't usually 'go out of my shell' or out of my way to get people to notice me. It hasn't always been easy for me to make friends. Like I said in the trust blog, sometimes its hard to trust people ... that they really will be there for you. So I build walls; a lot of walls. Because I don't want to get hurt. So I build more walls, and I'm not about to break them down, right? If you really want to know me, your gonna have to break them down yourself. Well, this is the way I used to be. Slowly, but surely, those walls are coming down like the walls of Jericho. Those walls are totally self preservation. Selfish really. They protect you. And they keep out all those that want to be in your life and will actually be there for you. So yep, they really need to come down. Its hard for those walls that were there for so long to all of a sudden come down. Well really, its not 'all of a sudden'; it takes time. Sometimes it takes a long time. But they must come down. Because whether you realize it or not, you can't let God in with those walls. He can't be the center of your life when you are surrounded by thick, stony walls. The quote says: not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down. So no, the point isn't to keep others out, but thats what you end up doing. Because while your waiting for "someone" to come break them down, you pass by others that would be some of the best people in your life because they aren't trying to break anyone's walls down. You may argue that if a person truly loves you that they will break any wall down. Okay, sure ... Thats true ... but what about all the other people that do love you, but don't know how to break down your walls. They may care, but eventually those people move on because they can't get to you. Another thing I want to point out: If you have those walls, God is the only and I mean the only One that can get through and break them down. Because when God breaks them down then others can get through too. So yeahh ... just been thinking ... ( :