Friday, June 18, 2010

"Can't" shouldn't be in our vocabularies ... !

Yes, yes ... I just put this picture on the other blog, but I think its so true that an entire blog needed to be devoted to it ... !

There seems to be so much "can't" in life. We all want to do something but its like ... you can't. For me personally there are a ton of things. I want to change the world. I want to play like 10 or more instruments. I want to write a song that will change lives. I want to give a home to the homeless. I want to give illiterate children a chance at an education. I want to help people everywhere. I want to help spread the gospel ... but this one little word always interrupts my thoughts. *can't* ahh ... I don't like that word! It just seems to ruin anything that I've wanted, wished, hoped, or dreamed to do. It like this cloud that hovers over you and rains on your parade. Of course, we can't do anything apart from God, but God says that the impossible is possible with him. God is not a God of "can't"s, He is a God of "can"s! ( : Truth be told, I think the Devil is responsible for the "can't cloud" that hovers over so many people! I mean, if everyone thinks that they can't then he has a hold over them. I've met too many young people that tell me "I want to follow God and all, but I can't!" Is that true? Nope ... thats what the Devil wants you to think ... ! Let me tell you, it is possible ... ! Okay, so thats how it applies to the spiritual life ... but what about the other things in life? What about when you wish that you could just do something and you (think that) you can't! Example: For years and years I've tried to write a book ... I tried a story book, a biography, a school book ... you name it, I tried it ... ! I told myself that I couldn't do it ... I can't! Buuut guess what? I've actually written and completed a book! (^_^) Instead of thinking "can't" I decided to try thinking "can" and I did it! So yeah, I don't know whats going on in your life, but I just want you to know that CAN'T SHOULDN'T BE IN YOUR VOCABULARY! Never say you can't ... if you think your gonna fail chances are that you will ... so be a little more positive! Don't think *can't* think *can* ... ! Remember: "can't" is "can" with a 't ... remove the 't and you'll get somewhere ... ! ( : *can* *can* *can* *can* *can* *can* =D

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