Friday, June 18, 2010

*~Smile~* ( :

This is one of those random blogs that really have no great theme ... I just want you to smile!

Okay, so today I was playing around on Facebook and found this page called something like "Positive Positivity" I think ... anyway, I found a ton on inspirational quotes and pictures that I wanna share ... ! Enjoy ... ! *and smile* ( :

Remember! You are what you see yourself to be ... not just that, but God always sees you as more then you think you are! Be encouraged!

Just because its big doesn't mean you can't do it. So if no one has ever told you before, YOU CAN DO IT! (only with God's help! : )

Be strong! Just because you can't see around the mountain doesn't mean that the sun isn't there ... keep going! You'll make it!

Do bad days happen? Of course! But don't let that get you down ... ! Look for the good ... I can promise that if you look hard enough your gonna find it ... ! ( =

NEVER GIVE UP! Just because it looks like you won't make it doesn't give an excuse to stop ... only the people that keep going are the people that get where they want to go ... so be encouraged! don't EVER give up!

Never forget this ... if you think your not gonna make it, then in all probability you won't! Don't think "can't" think "can"!

Okayy, thats all I have ... I hope that you smiled and that maybe if your feeling like giving up (like I was before I saw these!) that you decided to keep on ... until you make it ... ! wherever you wanna go ... ~*smile*~ ( :

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