Wednesday, July 28, 2010

h'mmm ... ( :

So I'm not really sure what to call this blog ... "h'mmm ... " will have to do! Anyway, the world is due for an update on my life ... GED classes had started! (-_-) No, I am not excited to be doing loads of homework while it is still technically summer. I guess I'm learning something ... and maybe I'll go to college next year ... still would REALLY like to go to academy, but who knows if that will happen? My "classmates" are okay ... some of them are quite interesting, to say the least ... ! So I still haven't really decided what I should do with my life ... probably nursing, if I get my GED this year ... maybe after that I'll do something else, but at least I'd be able to have a job. Which is very important in today's society .. ! I love media and biology and (yeah, this is the weird one) the criminal justice system ... call me crazy, but being a lawyer and arguing with people and using reverse (or not reverse) psychology and getting paid to somehow attracts me. Still, I can't really say what I will end up doing. Just narrowing down the options. Life can be so confusing at times ... ! Its crazy ... but I kind of already have next summer mapped out. So I want to work with this Sanctuary replica for the summer ... then school; either academy or college, depending on what happens this year. Then whatever happens after that happens ... ! (as you can see, I'm low on writing ideas today besides my utterly boring life ... =P) Hey, I should have a good idea of something to write ... later ... my mind is currently fried from countless math equations ... grrrr, I don't like that subject ...... !!!!!!! Yeahh ... anyway, just a peek into my life for ya ... ! ( :

Friday, July 9, 2010

.... *beautiful thoughts* ....

Thoughts ... those little things that are always going through our head ... at least girls heads; according to a male Christian consoler, guys actually have a "nothing box" in their head when they can actually think about nothing ... how that happens, I have no idea ... ! But for me, I'm always thinking ... there isn't a moment when I'm not contemplating something. About the weather, the future, my life, my friends, my family, God, what I'm going to do with my life, how much money I need, etc. Whatever is happening, I'm thinking. Either calm, reminiscing thoughts, anxious, frantic thoughts, or just about whatever is going on at the moment. Thinking is one of my favorite activities. When there seems to be nothing else to do, you always have a brain to keep you occupied. So what do you think about? Shallow thoughts, or deep thoughts? ( I would like to think that I think very deep thoughts ) Is it even important? Really, thoughts can't be that big of a deal. I mean, unless it comes out of your mouth, why worry about it? Whether you realize it or not, your thoughts do have a great deal to do with you. When you think filthy thoughts, chances are your going to talk filthy and act filthy. When you think depressing thoughts, your probably going to be depressed. When you think sad thoughts, most likely you'll be sad. When you think angry thoughts, you'll almost always be angry. And when you think beautiful thoughts, I'm almost positive that you'll be beautiful. Its just like a pitcher. Okay, lets say that you have an empty pitcher and you begin to pour red Kool-Aid into it. After a while, the pitcher fills up and if you don't stop pouring the drink in, it begins to overflow. So lets say that you feed yourself anger; angry books, angry TV shows, angry movies, around angry friends. The pitcher is full of it. But as you keep pouring this stuff in, it begins to come out. It flows over into the rest of your life. Whether you want to believe it or not, "by beholding you become changed". Same with filthiness, sadness, depression, anxiety ... all of it. But turn the scenario around. What if you begin to behold beautiful things? Beautiful books, beautiful TV shows, beautiful people, beautiful things ... you begin to become beautiful! We already established in an earlier blog that real beauty isn't outward; it comes from God and its comes from your heart. This isn't that "fake" beauty that really isn't beautiful at all. So what do you think about? I challenge you for one week to seek to surround yourself with truly beautiful things. Go on nature walks, talk to an older lady that had a fulfilling life, read the Bible, try to smile even when things are hard. I also challenge you to avoid the things that are not beautiful. Pessimistic and depressing people, TV shows that put your mind in the gutter, staying inside all day, books that don't help you to be any happier. See what happens after one week of this "therapy". I can guarantee that you will see a difference for the better in your life. And if you don't, try it for another week. Who wants to be thinking ugly thoughts? Beautiful thoughts make beautiful people ... we all want to be beautiful, whether we want to admit it or not. But this is the way to have *real* beauty ... try it ...

and seek to think *beautiful thoughts* ( :

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creation or Evolution ... ? O_o

Sooo ... the last few days I've been at General Conference (that explains the after 11:00 almost 12 blog) and its been pretty fun. But anyway, a couple days ago my friends and I were walking around the booths being bored and someone got the "bright" idea to go up to a certain colleges booth and ask them why they supposedly teach evolution. So we go up and its this "modern looking dude" (that actually had a pretty awesome watch! lol). Anyway, at first he was trying to talk us all into putting on some of the colleges stickers so that we could be publicity for them, or something. We firmly told him no. He caught on quite quick. He knew we weren't there to get stickers ... so the "bold" one of us finally spoke up. "Do you guys really teach evolution?" "Ahhh!", he said, "you've heard the rumors!" Rumors? H'mm ... so he went on to tell us what "really happened" and how the whole thing came about. But as we went on into the conversation he began to get agitated. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I have th mind of a lawyer. Basically, everything is false unless proven true. The things that he was saying to defend the colleges position on evolution weren't satisfying enough for me. I wanted to go deeper. So, as I usually do, I began to dig, ask questions that you can't answer except with a "yes" or "no" unless you don't answer it (okay, I admit, I kinda like to see people squirm when you ask them a point-blank question too). So I asked him, "Do you believe in a literal six day creation by God?" His answer: "I believe God created the world". So I said: "No, no. You didn't answer the question. Do you believe in a literal six day creation by God?" He said again: "I believe God created the world". He said some other things that I shall no repeat not because they were bad, but because they just don't bare repeating. To say I was disappointed is a serious understatement ... I was no less then shocked! A Christian (pastor at that) that didn't believe that God created our world? Huh? Either you believe God created this world or you don't. I'm sorry, there is no grey area! If for some irrational reason you don't believe that God created this world then by default your an evolutionist. Sorry, pick one or the other. And no, all those forms of creation/evolution don't work out either. God .... God created this world! Everywhere you look you can see the touch of His Divine hand. From the tree's to the oceans. From the flower to the tomato. Even when we look at our own bodies, you can see that we didn't just "evolve". So if everything started with a "big bang" then how did that come about? Its common sense that nothing CAN'T explode simply because its ... nothing. *big duh there* But its seems as if a lot of people are taking hold of this theory (and yes, it is indeed a theory because its NOT A FACT AND IT HASN'T BEEN PROVEN!!!!!!!). Its sad ... that people would rather believe that they came from a monkey rather then that they were created by a loving God ... so I'm writing this blog to tell you where I stand ...

I believe that God created this world,
the animals,
the plants,
the environment,
and most of all,
I believe that He created you and me!
And then, when we fell, He actually
sent His Son to die for us.

Really, whats the point of believing in God when you don't believe that He created you? Nothing at all ... so yeahh ... I think thats all I had to say ... WOW! after 12! Time for bed! D= *smile*