Wednesday, July 28, 2010

h'mmm ... ( :

So I'm not really sure what to call this blog ... "h'mmm ... " will have to do! Anyway, the world is due for an update on my life ... GED classes had started! (-_-) No, I am not excited to be doing loads of homework while it is still technically summer. I guess I'm learning something ... and maybe I'll go to college next year ... still would REALLY like to go to academy, but who knows if that will happen? My "classmates" are okay ... some of them are quite interesting, to say the least ... ! So I still haven't really decided what I should do with my life ... probably nursing, if I get my GED this year ... maybe after that I'll do something else, but at least I'd be able to have a job. Which is very important in today's society .. ! I love media and biology and (yeah, this is the weird one) the criminal justice system ... call me crazy, but being a lawyer and arguing with people and using reverse (or not reverse) psychology and getting paid to somehow attracts me. Still, I can't really say what I will end up doing. Just narrowing down the options. Life can be so confusing at times ... ! Its crazy ... but I kind of already have next summer mapped out. So I want to work with this Sanctuary replica for the summer ... then school; either academy or college, depending on what happens this year. Then whatever happens after that happens ... ! (as you can see, I'm low on writing ideas today besides my utterly boring life ... =P) Hey, I should have a good idea of something to write ... later ... my mind is currently fried from countless math equations ... grrrr, I don't like that subject ...... !!!!!!! Yeahh ... anyway, just a peek into my life for ya ... ! ( :

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