Tuesday, August 31, 2010

... just some random rambling ... ;)

Randomness ... I'm pretty good at that! My blog has been suffering. I meant to write in it 20 times this month, but it appears that I will only have 2. =/ Anyway, time has been flying along ... ! If all goes well, I shall be finished with high school next month! ;D I'll still have to take my SAT, PSAT, ACT and any other test that are required to get into college, but I think thats pretty awesome ... yeahh, I was really sad that I couldn't go to academy, but I'm trying to make the best of it and be happy ... I plan on doing a double major ... still trying to figure out if I'm going to do it in Biology and Nutrition, or Nutrition and Nursing ... then, I plan on heading to another college for my masters and doctorate. =D I do believe I shall get my doctorate in preventive medicine ... ! I think it would be awesome to help people get healthy and stay healthy and never have to bother with those stupid pills and numerous doctor visits. In today's society that would be pretty awesome ... ! The college I want to attend is relatively small compared to what most people think. They have quite a few awesome programs and extra curricular activities that appeal to me. Most important, the campus has a spiritual atmosphere. Everywhere you go you can just feel the peace of the place ... Its a beautiful campus (you can see that from the picture) and I do believe the winters there will suit me. I can't say that I have friends there or that I know people that will be going there, its just that I do believe thats where I need to go to college. Sure, going to a public college is a lot cheaper and more convenient and closer to home, but I feel that it is so important for me to attend a Christian college. It will be a sacrifice; its not in any way cheap, and with the load I want to take it very well may add a lot of stress onto a 17 year old (how old I plan to be when I go to college), but I do believe that it would be worth it very much. Very much .... random ... yeahh ... give me a sec to think of something important to write about ... ;) 

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