Tuesday, October 26, 2010

smile, its the end of the world (:

I love it when you find not one, but two songs that you can relate to exactly, but thats not really what I wanted to blog about ...

You can see from the title kinda what I want to talk about, right?

So recently so many things have been happening ... not just in the world, but in the church and in homes, in lives ... everywhere ... even the weather is being wack. If you remember correctly, you'll see that Jesus said these things were going to happen before the end of time. Its amazing to be alive to see prophecies fulfilled. It lets me know that the end of all time is near. I look at some of the long term plans that I have and I begin to wonder if any of them will ever happen ... college, getting married, career, kids (maybe), retirement ... they all seem so fluffy when you look at the world we live in. It seems like its beginning to boil, and its soon gonna boil over ... and I've seen people change ... like even the people that were "good" ... you begin to see all taking sides, and it tears my heart apart when I see people I love and care about taking the wrong side. But alas! I cannot live their lives for them, I can only live my own. For me, its almost like do or die ... sounds so great, right? But no, I'm serious ... when you honestly look at it, all of us are living with this "do or die" theme ... either we accept Jesus and His eternal life, or we don't and suffer eternal death. Simple and complicated as that ... I've felt the great controversy fought out over my own life too many times to count, and it continues to rage on ... Its really amazing when you can see it almost with your own eyes. I see my friends taking sides, and I can tell that people don't have long to make up their mind. (ohh hey, that rhymes! I should like write a poem from that ;) okay, but I'm serious! time is short ... and you know what? that makes me so happy because I am really tired of the pain in this world! Jesus is coming soon ... ! whoot! (x ohhh c'mon, doesn't that make you happy too? =D isn't it awesome? yeah, I know you wanna smile (: so yeah ... smile, its the end of the world (: that is all ... xo

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