Thursday, November 4, 2010

*it's alright*

Have you ever been so tortured with doubts and problems that you were sure you would break under the load? Sometimes ... well, a lot of times ... I feel like that ... and you just want to let go. You want to not care about anything and just well ... end it. Don't fault me for being honest ... !

One of my favorite things in the world is watching the sunset ... I truly think its one of the most beautiful things God ever made! Sometimes I'll climb up on the roof and just watch the sun go down with an array of purples and blues and pinks ... its truly beautiful! As I watch the sun go down surrounded by God's nature, its like I just automatically begin to feel okay. Like I feel like I can make it, feel like I can go on, feel like I can make it ... ! After feeling hopeless that is the most wonderful feelings you could ever feel ... If you've never felt it, then I really can't explain it ...

Theres this artist called Melissa Otto and I absolutely love her music ... she has two songs that really speak to my soul on the 'bad days' :: 1) Its Alright (hence my blog title) and 2) Father of the Fatherless ... its always calming and inspiring ... so many times those songs have helped me and 'brought me back from the edge' in a sense ... its like my soul stops what its doing and takes a deep breath and I can quietly whisper where ever I am, even in the most violent storm ::

*closes eyes*

*takes deep breath*



"... its alright ... "

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